Leader Trucks, The Australian Challenger 
Southern Cross Engines 
Book 2: The Clue of the Hickory Handle  
Book 1: The Mystery of the Missing Magnetos
Book 3: The Riddle of the Fergie and the Fish  
Changing Horses 
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(Including Western Transport and the Early Years of Mack Australia Leader trucks have a unique place in Australia’s transport history; they were the only trucks produced in significant numbers by a wholly Australian company. The many models offered by this firm ranged from 12 ton, 4-wheel cab-overs up to 250-ton heavy- haulage bonneted tractors – some of the most powerful road-going vehicles available at the time. This book tells how one dynamic man spent 30 years turning a dream into reality. This book is now sold by Outback Books www.outbackbooks.info
This book is now sold by Plough Book Sales www.ploughbooksales.com.au
(An Illustrated History of Toowoomba Foundry’s Steam, Internal-Combustion and Windmill Engines) For 74 years Australia's Toowoomba Foundry produced a wide range of engines, windmills, pumps, generators, lawnmowers, milking machines, etc. ...even aircraft. This is the story of the enduring Southern Cross machines and the people who made them.
A photographic record of 6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion 1969-70 Three of the Australian infantry battalions that served in Vietnam were ANZAC units, incorporating New Zealand infantrymen. With ANZACS in Vietnam tells the story of one such unit during its 1969-70 tour of duty in Vietnam. The book features hundreds of previously unseen colour and black-and-white photos taken by the soldiers themselves. Also included is a DVD featuring the original song "The Green Soldier" penned by a member of 6RAR/NZ. $45 AUD  (includes postage within Australia)
Ronnie's the tractor expert, Tip's the computer whiz, and Barbie's the grazier's daughter. There's trouble galore when this trio decides to investigate the theft of some valuable magnetos from the Toomaroo Museum. The supplement includes the working principles of internal combustion engines; various makes of tractors like the Lanz and K&L Bulldogs, McDonald, Ronaldson-Tippett and Steiger; and brief histories of Ronaldson-Tippett, Kelly & Lewis, A.H. McDonald, Southern Cross, and H.V. McKay. $12.50 AUD (includes postage within Australia)
Ronnie & Tip from Toomaroo Museum, along with Barbie and Wendy, stir up a hornet's nest when they link the mysterious disappearance of a champion axeman to an unsolved 30-year-old train robbery. The supplement includes Caterpillar tractors; Electro-Motive diesel engines and locomotives; Fiat tractors; LeTourneau earthmoving machinery; Hargans buzz saws; Competition woodchopping; Sawmilling; Milking machines and the Baltic Simplex company. $12.50 AUD (includes postage within Australia)
A pleasant day’s fishing turns into a nightmare for Ronnie & Tip and their friend Barbie, along with a birdwatcher named Cathy, when they get involved with a ruthless gang of wildlife poachers. The supplement includes Ferguson tractors; Fitch Four-Drive tractors; early steam engines; Rider-Ericsson hot air engines; International Army trucks; Haflinger 4WD; British Seagull outboards; Australian Lungfish; the Paradise Parrot and electronic stun guns. $12.50 AUD (includes postage within Australia)
(The life of R.S. Porteous; soldier, sailor stockman, artist and author of “Cattleman”)  Syd Porteous packed a lot into one lifetime: A Light- Horseman in World War 1; Commercial artist in 1920s Melbourne; Jackeroo, then part-owner of a vast Central-Queensland cattle run; Pioneer tourist-launch operator to the Barrier-Reef islands; First Mate on a US Army merchant ship in World War 2; Author of several classic Australian novels, including the prize- winning “Cattleman”. $20 AUD  (includes postage within Australia)
The Toomaroo Museum adventure stories - introducing young people to old machinery. Written for middle and secondary school-aged readers, each book contains an illustrated supplement which covers the machines and manufacturers mentioned in the story.

With ANZACS in Vietnam

Rob Laurent and his brothers spent an idyllic childhood in the unlikely surrounds of the 10,000-hectare Werribee sewage treatment farm where their father, Bob, worked during the 1950s. At the time Werribee Farm’s environmentally-friendly methods of treating waste was unique in the world. Werribee Farm tells of the boys’ escapades, the characters they meet, and the wildlife they encounter as they explore the maze of wetlands and canals around them. Older brother John is a budding scientist, always searching for items of natural history to add to his “museum.” Young Rob is more interested in Bob’s after-hours hobby of woodwork. It is during their evenings in the shed together that Rob learns of his father’s abused childhood, and his determination to avoid the mistakes of the past. Family unity is a major theme of this story, in a setting that often tests the bonds between the members of the author’s family. This is a paperback book, printed on quality art paper with sewn binding. The 195 pages include 18 pages of black-and-white photos depicting Australia during the post-war decade. $12.50 AUD (includes postage within Australia)
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